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The Story of how I named Black Si Vouge 

Originally, when I came up with Black Si Vogue, I was thinking hmmmm how can this brand relate to others?  Then boom, I thought, I need something that describes me but also other people.  The first word that came to mind was Black.  It's more than just a color.  But of course, I'm a Black woman. 

Black defines the different characteristics of myself and my children despite what we've endured and accomplished in this lifetime. 


Black means to be Ambitious, Bold, Fearless, A Hustler, Brave and much more! Then, I started thinking as time went on, do I really want meaning behind my brand (sounds crazy)? 

You know what, Black can mean whatever you want it to MEAN.  But I'm sticking with BlackSi (Spanish) simply means Yes, and Vogue (French) simply means fashion.


One of the visions for my brand is to reach different ethnicities.  So I incorporated Spanish and French into my brand name!  My brand is elegant, edgy, and comfortable yet fashionable

Yes to Fashion! (Si Vogue)  You Are Black Si Vogue!

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